Young girl with autism publishes anti-bullying book

MCLEAN, Va. — A 12-year old young girl with autism who constantly suffered from being bullied at school has published her very own book that aims to help others fight bullying themselves. The book, entitled “The Lone Wolf”, features a story of a young wolf who was being incessantly bullied by other wolves.

“Once upon a time, there was a small, playful wolf. He was often bullied by other wolves,” the book read.

The young girl, Taylor Walker, said she hopes to help others who suffer the same at school find hope.

“I wanted to help other kids, and I didn’t want them to go through what I had to go through.”

After suffering years of bullying at school, Taylor decided to homeschool last year. She wrote “The Lone Wolf” as a means to channel all the hurtful experiences she had at her school. Taylor wrote the entire story on her own, and made all the book illustrations by herself on her computer.

Her mother, Debra Walker, found herself amazed upon seeing what her daughter could do.

“I’m amazed; she has so much depth… I think a lot of these kids are so talented. It’s just finding the right situation for them to unlock their potential.”

“The Lone Wolf” is now available at

The original article by Greta Kreuz on the abc 7 News website can be read here