Young girl with autism believed to have been sexually abused by her teacher

Sofia, Bulgaria — A 13-year-old child with autism who is a student of a special school in Bulgaria has reportedly been abused sexually by her own teacher. The child’s mother filed charges Sept. 29 after noticing that her daughter, Ana Maria, was afraid of her teacher who may have molested her.

Ana Maria’s mother suspected that something was wrong when she found that her daughter’s bra was missing, 10 days before she filed the charges.

Dozens of mothers rallied in protest against the outrageous crime in the city of Plovdiv earlier last week, while parents also gathered in front of the Bulgarian Ministry of Education in support of Ana Maria.

Investigations have been conducted by the local authorities and pre-trial proceedings have been launched Oct. 8 by the Prosecutor’s Office. An interim report from the Bulgarian State Commission for Child Protection stated that they have found violations by the school’s principal and his staff.

Penalties to be imposed by the Bulgarian authorities is expected to be announced Oct. 15.

Bulgarian Education Minister Rumiana Kolarova said that the school principal at Dimitar Karadzhov– the special school Ana Maria is attending– is expected to return to work Wednesday. Kolarova added that a special board will discuss the actions to be taken after the facts are asserted.

Contributed by Althea Estrella Violeta