Parents allege that their autistic son, 9 was raped at school

Autism and AbuseSocorro Independent School District, El Paso, Texas – Parents of an autistic boy 9 say that their son was raped at school.

The father, referred to as Javier to protect his privacy, says his son was raped at H.D. Hilley Elementary.

He is reported as saying on the Govtslaves website:

“I think he was raped right here at the school,”

The boy’s mother told of how her son was acting strangely after school on the afternoon of Feb. 5 and that he complained of pain in his rectum.

“He said a man in the restroom on the wall and was touching his behind,”

The boy has limited communication skills and due to this the description of the man is vague. A general description issued by the police says the possible suspect is a “fat man without a mustache.”

The boy’s mother reported the incident to the principal of the school and was told that she would deal with it. However a report was not filed by the end of the day by the principal because “she had a very busy day and had not had time.”

Documents from an El Paso hospital examination state that the boy was sexually assaulted.

Administrators at H.D. Hilley, SISD, and in law enforcement were made aware of the incident.

SISD Assistant Superintendent Pat O’Neill said.

“That’s what we’re trying to determine. Was it an SISD employee involved, who was involved and what actually happened? That’s what the investigation’s going on right now.”

District officers have now been posted at the school.

Socorro Independent School District Superintendent Jose Espinoza said in an online letter to parents that:

“I assure our parents, students, employees, and community members that we are doing everything possible to investigate the matter and will not rest until the issue is resolved,”

Javier claims that some people do not believe his son because he has limited verbal skills.

“I don’t want anything,” Javier said. “All I want is for them to do justice for my son.”

The boy is now attending another school in the area.

The investigation is ongoing with the City of Socorro Police Department and Child Protective Services.

The original article by Kathryn Schroeder on the Govtslaves website can be read here