Yoing Autistic Artist Creates Chase Davis Note Cards

Merrill,Wisconsin — Chase Davis,19 has autism and loves to draw. The Daily Herald report that Chase reads at an elementary-school level and has difficulty in communication.

Chase loves to draw and the photos and models of trucks, planes and trains that are situated in the family room provide inspiration for his work. He has filled hundreds of notebooks with pencil drawings.

With thanks to Katy Nelson his Merrill High School special education teacher, his mother, Julie Davis, and a short paragraph and drawing in a magazine published for railroad fans, many of his drawings have ended up in places such as Chicago, New York and New Orleans.

Katy and Julie have used the drawings to create packets of Chase Davis note cards.

Julie and Gregg Davis explain that Chase has always loved trucks, trains and planes and his dad who was a truck driver is now the acting safety director for Elite Carriers, a Merrill trucking company.

Gregg said:

“See how those (toy trucks) are lined up there (on the desk)?” . “That’s very typical of someone with autism.”

Chase became serious about drawing a few years ago, and that’s when Katy approached Julie with the idea of creating the note cards to sell.

At first the cards were just sold in Merrill and then Tom Burg of Merrill, who shares Chase’s love for trains connected them to the magazine Railfan & Railroad, which published the blurb about Chase.

Julie tells of how she hopes his skills continue to deepen:

“(maybe) we can makes this into something he can use (to earn a living), a cottage industry,”

She then adds:

“I know it makes Chase feel useful, purposeful.”

The original article by Keith Uhlig on the wausaudailyherald.com website can be found here