Woodstock Chimes for Autism: Tyler’s Story

Woodstock ChimesWoodstock Chimes, Shokan, New York – Tyler Doi, 8 from Toronto has autism, an incredible musical acuity and a passion for wind chimes, he owns over 100.

When Tyler was 6 his parents contacted Woodstock Chimes, a leading manufacturer of more than 200 musically tuned windchimes, to share Tyler’s story. Since then, the Doi family has visited Woodstock Chimes’ New York headquarters several times and has built a strong relationship with its team, especially Garry Kvistad, Woodstock Chimes’ founder and owner.

Woodstock Chimes created the “Woodstock Chimes for Autism,” a windchime designed to elevate autism awareness and support those living with autism. The full 100 percent of the “Woodstock Chimes for Autism” after-tax profits will benefit autism treatment programs and research.

The “Woodstock Chimes for Autism” features the multicolored puzzle-piece symbolassociated with autism on its windcatcher and is tuned to Mozart’s Piano Concerto No. 21.

Garry Kvistad, owner and founder of Woodstock Chimes said:

“Tyler is one of the most remarkable children I have ever met. His musical awareness is inspiring and reminds us that we all bring gifts to the world. It’s wonderful knowing this new chime will support treatment programs and research to help those living with autism, like Tyler,”

As well as creating the Woodstock Chimes for Autism, the company enlisted the help of Kala Project, a non-profit Michigan media-production company, and developed a video chronicling Tyler’s passion and musical acuity, as well as one of his many visits to the company’s headquarters.

The video even includes Garry and Tyler facing off in a “Name-That-Chime Challenge,” showcasing Tyler’s extraordinary talent of identifying chimes simply by hearing their sound.

The video is available to see here

More information abut Woodstock Chimes for Autism can be found on their website here.