Woman with autism beaten and threatened by caregiver at distinguished autism center- w/video

handMontgomery Village, Md. — A woman with autism, who was a resident of the distinguished Jane Salzano Center for Autism in Maryland, has reportedly been beaten up and threatened by a caregiver at the center.

According to reports, the non-verbal woman with autism grabbed a behavior specialist by the wrist as she was pointing to a picture of a man on a book and shouted, “Man, man.” It was then that the suspect, 38-year-old Sylvie Nsoga stepped in, as in accordance with the center’s protocol– to which the woman with autism responded by letting go of the specialist’s wrist.

Nsoga and an employee-in-training reportedly then brought the woman with autism to the bathroom shortly after, where Nsoga allegedly grabbed the woman by her shirt and pushed her inside one of the bathroom stalls. It was then that the caregiver reportedly hit the woman on the head using her bare knuckles while the employee-in-training watched in disbelief. Nsoga reportedly told the trainee;

“Can you believe she grabbed the behavioral specialist? I will deal with her; I’m going to kill her today.”

The caregiver was immediately terminated from the center and is currently facing charges of vulnerable adult abuse and second degree assault.

Nsoga denied all accusations.

Source: Kevin Lewis on the abc 7 News website: Caregiver beats, threatens to kill special needs resident at highly regarded autism center, police say.