May 22, 2014

reactonWhen Autism Will Not Define My Son shared a link from AutisticPlayground about Toni Braxton on Tuesday and asked for people’s thoughts,. little did she expect such a strong reaction. Out of almost 100 comments, some turned nasty and Kerrie felt compelled to respond. Autism Daily Newscast approached Kerrei and asked if we could share it with our readers.

WOW……… Never in a million years did I expect that kind of response about the Toni Braxton article that I shared.

First, let me start off by saying this. I believe everyone has the right to their opinion, right or wrong, that is on them (or you).

Second, I have my beliefs, just as you have yours and as Toni Braxton has hers. Do I agree with what she said in her book? No. Do I understand her pain? Yes. I think in a way we all do, in OUR OWN WAY.

Third, I do not agree with all the name calling and bashing in the previous post about the article. I am 100000% positive that every single person who responded to that post has had, at one time, been part of the “Bathroom Floor Club” (where you find yourself sitting on the floor in a puddle of tears because you are at a loss, tired, overwhelmed, or just plain scared). We all have our own way of coping, but IN MY OPINION, throwing out the “R” word and calling each other “stupid” should not be part of our coping mechanism.

Here’s how I see it…. Toni Braxton wrote a book. She expressed how she felt. She wasn’t preaching, she simply said what was on her mind. That is A LOT different than turning on the channel and seeing another certain celebrity preaching about drugs, and foods, and how her son is cured, no wait… how her son never had autism in the first place. We all have the choice to turn the channel when she comes on, just as we all have the choice to not purchase and read the books these women write. Hell, we all read the title of the Toni Braxton article below, yet chose to click on it and read it. Just as I had the choice to read that article and share it, we all had the choice to respond and/or not respond.

WE ARE ALL IN THE SAME BOAT HERE PEOPLE… We need to be supporting each other and helping each other stay afloat, not throwing each others paddles and life jackets overboard.



KerriKerrie is the PROUD MOTHER of a precious little boy, Conor. Conor turned 4 this past December (2013). He was diagnosed with being “at risk” just after his 2nd birthday. Kerrei is a single mom who created her Facebook Page after her son’s initial “at risk” diagnosis. Her goal is to attempt to detail their journey. Learning about Autism. Learning how to cope with this thing they call a “disability”. Learning how to adapt to this “disability”, and everything in between. Autism Will Not Define My Son. You can follow Autism Will Not Define My Son on Facebook at

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