January 13, 2015

MMSThis article is to reiterate from my last one on the Chlorine Dioxide – CD/MMS protocol.

The little girl in question is recovering well. Her mother did indeed remove the CD from her diet throwing it down the sink after reading the information I sent her. She took her daughter the following day to the hospital and over the next few days was prescribed a neutralising medication to cut down her stomach acid allowing the inflammation of the gut to start a healing process. The mother sent me a recording of her daughter in the early hours of their morning sobbing in pain.It was hearing that brave little girl crying that made me more then ever want to stop this diabolical practice. During that following week once the medication was started she began to drink again and her mother was advised she should encourage her to drink water regularly to flush out any remnants of the CD treatment. Then she began to eat again and sleep through the night once more. Four days after she picked up a toy, beginning to play again like a child should be able to gaining confidence that no more pain would be forthcoming. That little girl today is looking well and has a playful glint in her eye once more,her pain fading I hope to a  shadow in her memory.

A little closer to home here in the UK though we have a man called Leonardo Edwards. Leonardo professes to have a cure for ebola, autism, cancer and all that ails you that he is selling on his website right now. He calls it CD water purification drops MMS1 and apparently hes been told his product which he “makes with his own hands” is better then other better known brands. On his website there’s a special offer sale ,chlorine dioxide to “treat and heal your loved ones“.

My question is why? Why is this being allowed?  

If these were not children with autism being abused in this manner would more be done? Would the government listen and make it illegal for these dangerous harmful products to be available and so easily accessible to the general impressionable public?

Leonardo has a public Facebook group called MMS England. As recently as December the 18th he sited on that group that Ebola was now defeated in Sierra Leone due to CD MMS treatments. This is dangerous false propaganda.

Still there are groups on the social networking site Facebook that are extremely hard to gain membership to. The members are advised to hide their locations and friend lists, and to use fake names. These are the groups mentioned in my previous article where Jim Humble is god and Kerri Riviera is considered gods angel. The parents catalogue the effects the CD has had on their child, and trust each other for advice on ailments including fevers, sores, vomiting, diarrhea and most commonly the long thick strips of bowel and intestinal lining mucous clinging to it which has been fished from a nappy/diaper photographed then posted. This is, the famous rope worm of which there’s no medical proven evidence of. Is this the head they ask? Egg sac? Why so much blood this time and why did it take five hours of their child jumping and screaming in pain to pass it? Must of been a stubborn one its suggested, congratulations ensue and encouragements of don’t stop now are posted in the comments. They are discouraged from visiting a doctors surgery for treatment or administering antibiotics or any other treatments other then CD.

Then they put down their phones or shut off their laptops. They will go into their child’s rooms where if the child is lucky they have managed to fall sleep , an escape from the pain. They will stand at their child’s bedroom door truly believing they are defeating a neurological condition when what they are actually doing is destroying the very same child’s body they nurtured and created. Carried for nine months, went through labour to have. They would have eagerly shopped for baby clothes and looked in awe at their babies little hands and feet, kissing them gently while they sleep and promising they would always keep them safe and kill anyone who harmed them. A diagnosis or suspicion of autism has torn that from them as they cannot and will not accept that their child has a neurological difference that no amount of bleaching will ever remove. I pity them as they cannot see the gift they have in front of them. They refuse communication aids to help their child’s communication as they believe they will talk once the CD works. Those aids could stop countless meltdowns and end a large amount of frustration but they prefer to wallow in the self pity that their child is non verbal or has difficulty communicating. They condemn sensory aids and chewing devices as they will make the child look more autistic. They dislike the stimming flapping out bursts of happiness as they find them embarrassing.

Below are links to the website I mentioned its called Leonardos healing space.It  needs to be shut down,this is on our doorstep and its being allowed to continue. I will end this article with one question:

Why is the sale of a water purification agent named Chlorine Dioxide being sold in the UK as a cure for diseases and neurological conditions?

It’s used to clean swimming pools.


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Editor’s Note: Autism Daily Newscast has reported on government warnings about Miracle Mineral Solution (MMS) in previous reports:
WARNING: Health Canada advises those using MMS ‘miracle cure’ for autism to consult doctor
WARNING: Officials in Ireland Warn Public of Banned Autism “Miracle Cure”
FDA crack down on misleading claims by companies on autism treatments and products

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About the author 

Emma Dalmayne

Emma Dalmayne has been diagnosed with Aspergers Syndrome along with Synthanesia. She has six children on varying degrees of the most spectrum so easily. When she is not writing exposes as an autistic advocate, her days are spent doing sensory play, reading, outings, and taking them to therapies e.g. play therapy, music therapy, speech, and language.

  • To bad Emma Dalmayne is a spiteful person and has been removed from several facebook groups for being rude and confrontational. Her heart might be in the right place CD/MMS is evil but she is not a person you want to have to encounter. She thinks she is an autism expert and everyone else is stupid. She does not speak for the entire autism community and she sure doesn’t speak for me.

    • Steve, whether CD works or whether it doesn’t, I don’t really care,it’s the dangers and warnings about MMS, also non concentual administration of large volume enemas,endless parasitic medications for 18 days straight, genuinely autistic kids will be non responders because medically or scientifically a neurotype cannot be changed, the whole protocol is abusive from start to finish, especially the enemas which some people will use for alternate reasons, bleach is not for ingestion, does the facts of slow poisoning, fever,vomiting, diarrhoea, rashes etc the list goes on not mean anything, it’s unethical, dangerous and a breach of human rights, you can add battery in there too.

  • I have been told I do not have the courage to heal my children and have defended myself if that makes me spiteful that would be me.If posting CD debunking information in groups that are pro CD in the hope that one person sees we sense then yes that to would be me.If saying people who are desperate for a cure and are trying harmful treatments are wrong and need to stop being disappointed in the child they have and accept them then oh yes,that’s me.
    I believe one of these posters believe they have healed their child? They have not.A so called healed child was never autistic.
    I am no expert on autism as its a spectrum I can only use my experience to help others.Which is what I will continue to do.

  • Emma brilliant article thanks.

    Steve I don’t know why you are mentioning unrelated arguments on blogs that are of such great importance. If Emma doesn’t speak for you, then please share your opinions on MMS

    Darnel you tube testimonials are not evidence and never will be.

  • Lorraine, do not be so foolish. HELLOOOOO! CD is not bleach! Many have recovered and are recovering and I have experienced it. Heather, I do not need your dopey YouTube videos to prove it.

  • Another fantastic article Emma. Ignore the haters, they are always going to hate. You are not here to represent the Autism community, you are here to be the voice for innocent children who are being physically abused, poisoned and tortured, by the very people who are meant to love and protect them. Of course they don’t want to hear what you are saying, quite frankly, the truth hurts! I am so pleased to hear of the improvement of the child that you mention. I can only hope that any damage has a chance to heal now. Thank goodness you were able to get that little girl the medical treatment that she very clearly needed.

    • No Darnell, antacids and medication given, to neutralize the dangerous chemicals in the stomach of a victim of narcissists who believe they are God is the only healer. You may feel all powerful, but the long term damage you have inflicted on whoever you chose to treat with this poison will soon be evident. When your child has to rely on a stoma to go to the toilet, or when they require a feeding tube because they find it too painful to swallow, thanks to the bleach destroying their oesophagus. Parents are given beautiful, helpless little babies, who rely on their parents to love, nurture and protect them. Feeding a baby bleach and giving regular bleach enemas is disgusting and goes against the natural instincts to protect. You may as well leave your child to play with an opened bottle of industrial bleach. You disgust me, I just hope that someone somewhere looks you up and finds out who you are! Then hopefully if you have abused a child with this poison you will be held responsible for the physical torture you put them through?

  • Why don’t testimonials show as evidence please? I know this stuff works well and is safe. All the best all of you. See through pharmaceutical propaganda please 🙂 For the good of the children. x

    • We provide an open forum for people to express their views in a respectful manner. That said, we wish to remind readers that many countries including the FDA in the USA either have banned or strongly warn against the use of Miracle Mineral Solution (MMS)

    • If you went to a doctor and she tried to prescribe you a medicine she said had been fuly tested on 10 people, would you think it was safe? 100? 1000? Sample size matters! Anecdotes don’t count as evidence because humans are complex organisms and display a variety of responses, reactions, and side effects to any drug. Even large studies can’t always find them all. So a few testimonials should mean nothing to you. It’s the same as saying, “I slept on train tracks and woke up fine.” Could be true, but doesn’t matter because you can’t assume the same result for the next person who tries it. At least in my example, the person pushing the treatment was a medical doctor. These treatments are not recommended by doctors. They rely on strong oxidizing agents (which can cause DNA damaging reactive oxygen species as well as direct physical damage). It’s dangerous. Those are kids, some without the ability to express their pain. Something tells me that many parents trying this treatment on their kids might not do it if a real, pro-“big pharma” medical doctor recommended it. Think about those side effects! It’s one thing to consider it if an existing body of evidence supported its use. But that is not the case.

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