Virginia Judge finds 11 year old with autism guilty on criminal charges – w/audio


Kayleb Moon-Robinson Image Credit: Charlie Archambault/Center for Public Integrity

Lynchburg, Va. — A judge from Lynchburg in Virginia found an 11-year old child with autism guilty of criminal charges. He will now have a felony conviction for the rest of his life.

The child, Kayleb Moon-Robinson, is a middle schooler from Linkhorne School, and has only been attending the school for a few months when the charges were made against him.

According to Public Radio International, Kayleb was apprehended twice in Linkhorne for disorderly conduct before he was slammed a more serious charge— a felony assault on a police officer.

A report by WSET-TV said that the first instance that the child was apprehended happened when he just started attending Linkhorne, where he is said to have kicked a trash can while he was having a tantrum.

The incident that followed came in a couple of months after the first one, when the school principal reportedly asked Kayleb to stay in the classroom after dismissal, and the child defied the order by leaving as soon as his classmates had gone.

It was then the principal is said to have asked a School Resource Officer to go after Kayleb and take him to the principal’s office.

Kayleb stated that the officer grabbed him and attempted to take him to the office, but he tried to push the officer away. As a result, he was allegedly “slammed down” and handcuffed by the police officer.

Kayleb was charged with a disorderly conduct as well as a more serious charge— a Felony assault on a police officer— for that incident.

Just this month a Lynchburg judge found him guilty of a Felony assault on a police officer charge, as well as one disorderly conduct charge, despite the fact that he has autism.

Contributed by Althea Estrella Violeta

Source: Mona Abdi on the abc 13 news site:  Judge Finds Lynchburg Middle Schooler with Autism Guilty on Criminal Charges



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