UPDATE: Mother of boy with autism loses appeal against public transport company

busCalgary, AB – An appeal made by the mother of child with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) requesting the resumption of transportation services for her son has been denied.

As we reported previously, Shauna Elliott’s 9 year old son Jace had been removed from his bus last month due to the youngster pulling another passenger’s hair.

Elliot argued that her son’s disorder makes it difficult for him to be in close proximity to other people. The frustrated mother subsequently offered to pay for an extra transit pass which would ensure that Jace would be able to sit alone.

However personnel at Access Calgary refused her request and stated that the grade school student would have to be accompanied by an aid worker in order to be permitted on the bus. As a result, Elliot has been bringing Jace to school in her own vehicle, however the change in his weekly routine has caused the grade youngster to become both upset and anxious.

Representatives at Autism Calgary support Elliot revealing that Jace had not had any prior incidents on the bus and that accommodations should be made in light of his exceptional needs. However Access Calgary has, in turn, stated that it refused to grant Elliot’s request arguing that in doing so, less seats would be available for other individuals who use their service.