UPDATE Ice Bucket Challenge Attack on teen with autism – new proposed state law

Doing_the_ALS_Ice_Bucket_Challenge_(14927191426)CLEVELAND,— The Ice Bucket Challenge attack by a group of youths, that targeted  a teenager with autism, has sparked a proposed bill that would protect both the elderly and disabled.

Five teens were charged for the attack that took place on Aug. 18. They dumped a bucket of tobacco spit and urine on the young boy– who was led to believe that he was taking part in an ALS Ice Bucket Challenge for charity. We last reported on this story here .

Three of the teenagers involved have been charged with disorderly conduct and assault, they are due to appear in a juvenile court Nov. 6.

The new proposed bill would mean that  judges would be able to give a two-year sentence to anyone who is convicted of a felony when against certain groups.

House Bill 648  was introduced by the State Representative, Bill Patmon, on Tuesday Oct. 28, who said that he was inspired to propose the bill after this attack.

“It was visceral for me, for my grandson is autistic,” Patmon said. “So, for me, it was quite personal to see something like that happen.”

However Patmon does have opponents who claim that the bill is unnecessary. One such opponent, Carmen Naso, who is a former county prosecutor, told that crimes against the elderly and disabled are already covered by state law.

If the bill does come into force, it will  not directly affect this case as the teens involved are facing misdemeanor charges and not those of a felony.

The original article by Matt Wright on the Fox 8 Cleveland news website can be found here