Update – Disney lawsuit now transferred to Orlando

CC BY-NC-ND by rcpromike

CC BY-NC-ND by rcpromike

Disney Lawsuit – We last reported on Disney and the Americans With Disabilities Act lawsuit on Sep. 25, it can be read here. The Orlando Sentinel now reports that the lawsuit has been transferred to Orlando by a federal judge, it is reported that Disney wanted the transfer.

It is alleged that the Disability Access Service (DAS) by Disney, is discriminatory against children with autism as they are no longer able to access rides without queuing.

DAS is used both in Disneyland California and in Orlando.

Director of Park Operations, Alison Armor said:

“The DAS card program was designed primarily by Disney employees at Walt Disney World in Florida. Additionally, implementation, including employee training, of the DAS card program at Walt Disney World theme parks took place in Florida,”

An attorney who is representing more than 20 plaintiffs, may now file a new lawsuit in California as the first suit has now been transferred to Orlando.

The original article by Sandra Pedicini on the Orlando Sentinel website can be read here