Update – Disney and the Americans With Disabilities Act lawsuit

CC BY-NC-ND by rcpromike

CC BY-NC-ND by rcpromike

Walt Disney Parks and Resorts – In July, we reported on the story about a lawsuit that was filed against Walt Disney Parks and Resorts by several families who have  special needs children, including those with developmental disabilities such as autism. The story can be read here.

The families concerned stated that Disney’s policy for people with disabilities is in violation of the Americans with Disabilities Act.

This resulted in a  a 93 page filing with the United States District Court for the Central District of California.

In an article about this case on the Deadine website, Disney suggests that the actions are based more on ‘chasing the media spotlight’ than the discomfort and discrimination that possibly took place.

Rhonda Trotter, Disney’s lawyer  said in  in the September 15 filing:

“It is clear that plaintiffs’ lead counsel, who features articles about this case on his website, spent five months preparing a 334-page amendment primarily for the purpose of generating press for this case, instead of writing a short and concise statement of plaintiffs’ claims as required by the Federal Rules’ brevity mandate,”

The article also goes on to state that  Disney has denied the existence of the “Magic List,” that was introduced last October, that allows VIPs to not wait for rides, therefore avoiding queues.

A hearing is scheduled for  October 6 with Judge Manuel Real.

To read the full story by , please visit the Deadline website  here