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August 5, 2015

cageCanberra, AustraliaIt has been 16 weeks since investigation on an incident involving a student with autism who was caged in a primary school in Australia started, and it looks like the inquiry being held by authorities still isn’t about to end anytime soon.

According to ACT Education Minister Joy Burch’s office, however, the investigation is now at its final stage as ACT Deputy Director General Gary Rake is now in the process of completing the final report on the incident.

Many are still critical of how Burch managed the case, mostly because of the seemingly extremely slow pace at which the investigation is going, and how Burch withholds information from the public, including families of students enrolled at the school involved in the incident.

According to Opposition Education Spokesman Steve Doszpot:

“Minister Burch apologized that her initial claim in April that the inquiry would be swift had not been met, but assured an Assembly Committee that the report would be available in two to three weeks. Six weeks have passed and nothing has come from the minister – not an explanation, not an apology, nothing.”

“Parents are still objecting to being kept in the dark about much of the issue, including whether the removal of the principal was a temporary or permanent arrangement, who authorized the cage structure and how on earth it was built in a Canberra classroom.”

Burch earlier explained that she has been withholding information from the public while investigation is ongoing to protect the privacy of the family involved in the incident.

Source: Emma Macdonald in The Canberra Times Lengthy inquiry into cage for autistic student ‘close’ to completion 

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