Kevin Healey and his Anti Bullying Autism Campaign


Provided by K. Healy

Kevin Healey, Staffordshire, UK – An article in The Sentinel reported that for four months Kevin was afraid to leave the house after being sent an anonymous email saying:

“Healey, get ready because I’m going to finish you off via a hit squad”

Autism Daily Newscast has reported previously about how Kevin has been the object of cyber bullying hate crime.

Kevin is still suffering from vile tweets sent from impersonation accounts on twitter.

The Sentinel reports that:

‘Between May and December last year, his account was cloned more than ten times. He has suffered at the hands of cyber bullies for one reason – because of his autism.’

A survey carried out by the National Autistic Society found that 80 per cent of people with autism are bullied.

Kevin told The Sentinel:

“I find it hard to interact with people, so I don’t go out and socialise in pubs and nightclubs and I’m very hyper sensitive to stimuli – sound, lights, lots of people. I have problems even going out shopping.”

Due to Kevin’s difficulties he spends most of his time online and has nearly 120,000 Twitter followers.

Kevin told The Sentinel that his whole social life is online and so therefore it really affects him when people troll and say vile things.

Kevin has launched a global autism anti bullying campaign.

Kevin said:

“I’m calling for a bill on bullying to make it a criminal offense for the first time.”

The issue was debated in the House of Commons before Christmas and will also be debated again on January 24.

Kevin has also made a film documentary which highlights the issues surrounding bullying.

The film features X Factor star Christopher Maloney and Agony Aunt Dr Pam Spurr who will both be attending the premiere at the Odeon in Stoke on January 20 at 7pm.

The film will then premiere in London before being put on YouTube.

More information about the campaign can be found here.

To book premiere tickets click here.

The original article in The Sentinel can be found here