October 1, 2020

Canberra, Australia – The Australian Government supports research into improving understanding about autism and helping those with an Autism Spectrum Disorder and their families.

Ian Macfarlane, Minister for Industry has launched the Cooperative Research Centre for Living with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD), which will receive $31 million in Commonwealth funding over the next 8 years.

He said:

“The work of the CRC will focus on the full range of issues that affect people with autism. Importantly, the CRC will work to build new links between science, industry and Government, with the ultimate goal of generating practical outcomes to improve the lives of people with autism and their families,”

The CRC are developing new behavioural tools which aim to ensure that 70 per cent of autistic children are correctly diagnosed by age 3 and 50 per cent by age 2.

Mr Macfarlane said.

“Ensuring that children are diagnosed correctly at a young age can make a huge difference, not only to the child, but also their family,”

The CRC will also develop a web portal which will be available for employers, health care professionals, educators, carers and members of the family to use.

More information about the CRC is available at www.crc.gov.au.

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