UK Big Brother contestant and 5ive singer Abs confesses to having Aspergers

Channel 5 CBBUK

Channel 5 CBBUK

In a frank and candid one to one with Big brother UK, former 5ive star Abz Love confessed on air that he had been diagnosed with Aspergers. Since 5ive split, the road has been bumpy for the singer who lost his house and wealth by “being a bit wild”.


The confession came after a raucous and drink fuelled evening in the Big Brother house, when model Sophie Anderton asked  him to “come out of his shell”.

“Sophie was telling me that I need to come out of my shell and really shine, it’s good advice, I can’t knock that, but what people don’t know about me is I’ve got this condition,”

Abz told Big Brother in the Diary Room.

“It’s a kind of autism called Asperger’s. It’s a personal thing but it makes it difficult for me in certain scenarios when people want the sparkly bright Abz all the time.I only found out a couple of years ago so it’s all new to me but I’m trying to make the best of it.”

Mark Lever, chief executive of The National Autistic Society, has since praised Love for raising awareness of the syndrome. He said:

“Abz’s success in his musical career is testament to the fact that people with autism can live successful and fulfilling lives, and we wish him all the best in adapting to life after diagnosis.”

On August 27, Anna Kennedy OBE, autism advocate responded in a touching article on the BT website.  She wrote:

You still have the same kids but no one sits you down and tells you what ‘autism’ actually means, what to expect, how to cope, nothing. I’d heard the word autism, but my first thought (probably like everyone else) was the film Rain Man with Dustin Hoffman and Tom Cruise. You know the one. Wholly inaccurate, of course. It was really brave of him [Abz] to say that on national TV. I’m keen to see how he copes with everyday social situations in the Big Brother house.