Two teens with autism found while Avonte Oquendo remains missing

David Allen Soto

David Allen Soto

California, Montreal, New York – Avonte Oquendo still missing

18 year old David Allen Soto was found after four days in the mountains around Wildomar, California. Soto who has autism and schizophrenia was taken to the hospital for a check up before being released to his family.  The search team is releaved to have located him as there was growing concern that after four days, Soto might begin to suffer from dehydration.

15 year old Louis Martin from Montreal, Canada went missing on Saturday morning but police located him later in the day at a metro station.  Like many children with autism, Louis loves public transit and parks.

14 year old Avonte Oquendo of New York has not been found. He went missing on October 4th, 2013. Search continues. Autism Daily Newscast believes in education and training programs to reduce the likelihood of wandering but reorganizes that this is not always successful. We have reported on a number of various “tracking” devices that parents may want to consider.

We continue this week to look at a variety of GPS tools and technologies that are being used to help locate lost loved one.