Two people arrested after viciously beating a child with autism

JFAVicious Assault – Two people have been arrested after viciously beating  a child with autism. A video that was posted onto the internet and showed the vicious assault went viral. Andrew Wheeler, 18, was arrested for allegedly beating 16-year-old Aaron Hill at a party in Okeechobee, Florida. The assault took place last Friday according to WPTV. The graphic video showed Wheeler dragging Hill by his hair across the floor. The Huffington Post news article states:

‘Wheeler [told police] he received a call that there was “a drunk guy” at a party and he wouldn’t leave. He says he drove to the residence and went inside to take that person home. After walking outside to answer his phone, Wheeler went back inside and said he was told that the teen was punching and pushing another person.’

Evadean Lydecker Dailey has also been arrested and  is accused of giving the teens at the party alcohol. The video caused widespread shock, anger and disgust especially within the autism community and ignited the lauch of a Facebook group and the use of the hashtag #JusticeForAaron. Here at Autism Daily Newscast we had many messages posted onto our Facebook page with regards to #JusticeForAaron. Malorie Rich posted on our Facebook page:

‘Please share to help get justice for Aaron!!!! ‪#‎JusticeForAaron‬ Please help bring justice to the group of evil, heartless monsters who brutally beat Aaron, who has Autism. He was lured out of his house by a girl where 8 individuals were waiting for him. He was beaten, and threatened with a knife to his throat and it was all video taped and is on Facebook.’

The campaign has attracted the attention of celebrities including Breaking Bad’s Aaron Paul.

Editors Warning: This video has been age-restricted based because it contains extremely disturbing footage.

  The original article by Simon McCormack on the Huffington Post can be read here