Two musicians help to raise awareness of ‘Acoustic for Autism’

Acoustic for Autism, from Facebook

Acoustic for Autism, from Facebook

New Hampshire, Acoustic for Autism – is an organisation started in 2008 by Mike Cusanelli and Louis Gendron after Cusanelli’s son and Gendron’s daughter were each diagnosed with autism.

Both have backgrounds in music and entertainment, and decided to put their knowledge to good use. They have produced CDs and have put on shows to help autism- focused organizations raise money.

Cusanelli said.

“Our real mission is to raise and bring a message of hope and healing,”

The Nashua Telegraph reports that Acoustic for Autism has helped organizations such as Massachusetts General Hospital for Children/Lurie Center for Autism, NuPath, Wings for Autism, Charles River Center, Autism Resource Center of Central Massachusetts, Asperger’s Association of New England, Children’s Tree of Life, and Autism Society of NH.

Sarah Blacke from Boston and Mishka of Maui are two acoustic musicians who are managed by Cusanelli. He knew they would be the right people to raise awareness for his organization.

Blacker and Mishka will be doing 16 shows together and one of their stops will be in New Hampshire. Although no money will be raised for Acoustic for Autism, the organization will be promoted by the artists.

Acoustic for Autism has put out two CDs so far and all of the artists are independent.

Blacker is a singer- songwriter and music therapist. In 2012 she won “Female Performer of the Year” in the New England Music Awards.

Cusanelli said.

“She was a perfect fit for Acoustic for Autism,”

Although all money made from the shows will go to the two artists, Cusanelli said he is just glad they will be promoting the organization and talking about autism.

The original article by Kate Gardner on the Nashua Telegraph website can be read here