Trent Girone wins viewers hearts on the ‘Wheel Of Fortune’

Trent Girone, from Facebook

Trent Girone, from Facebook

“Wheel Of Fortune” – The tv show welcomed its first-ever contestant with additional needs on Wednesday April 30.

Trenton “Trent” Girone, 21 from Arizona made history as #TeamTrent started to trend on twitter during the episode as viewers tweeted in support. Trent has overcome nine brain surgeries and has Aspergers syndrome and Tourette Syndrome.

Trent did not win the game. He wrote in a blog post for the Wheel of Fortune website:

“I decided to be a contestant because I have been a fan of the show since I was at least two years of age,”

He then adds:

“I love the show and wanted to be part of its history. I thought I would do a great job at solving puzzles.”

You can watch a clip of Trent on the show below.

The original article by Lauren Duca appeared on the Huffington Post website and can be read here