There are better location devices than the iTracker Quadband GSM

iTracker Quadband GSM

iTracker Quadband GSM

Autistic children who bolt or wander need extra care. Despite all the car in the world, there remains a possibility of losing track of someone. If this should happen, finding the person as quickly as possible is critical. During our data collection, one device that did come up in our research a few times was the iTracker Quadband. It claims to make the job of locating a lost loved one easier than ever before. On the surface this looks like another great device for locating children who become lost very easily.

ITracker says it can help you in finding and locating your child within seconds. The process is easy and anyone can use this device and its system easily even on the first attempt. The iTracker devices can be put into the pocket of the child and then the timer can be set to receive the notifications on the location of the device at any time. The notification time can be an automatic 10 minutes, 15 minutes, hours and even a day. The notifications can be turned on to manual mode if you wish to save the battery for a long time. The device will tell you the location of the person with an approximation of only 10 feet.

There are no extra things to figure out. All you need to do is ensure that the device is charged all the time and by inserting only a SIM you can have the peace of mind. The device ensures that you are able to locate the child or person wearing the device with precision and accuracy.  It uses both GPS and cellular towers as well. You can always decide certain zones as danger zones and receive notifications for them too.

Once you are given the data on the latitude and longitude of your tracker, you will put that information on Google Maps or some other service for mapping. This could take a little time and be stressful for a person trying to quickly locate someone. The iTracker will be located and spotted by the GPS or cellular networks. The other drawback is that while it isn’t a large device, getting a person on the autism spectrum to keep it in a pocket may prove difficult.

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