Therapist caught abusing young boy with autism on video


Mother, Stephanie Lowe, with Caeden. Screenshot taken from WISN 12 News

Milwaukee — A therapist from the Autism Intervention Milwaukee was caught abusing a three-year-old boy with severe autism on camera. The therapist, Stephen Jacobs, can be seen head-butting the child, elbowing him in the head, throwing him on the couch, and hitting him with pillows.

Stephanie Lowe, mother to Caeden, said that she suspected that something was not right when she noticed that her son hasn’t learned anything despite having numerous sessions with Jacobs, who was an in-house therapist from Autism Intervention Milwaukee. So she decided to install a hidden web camera in the room where Jacobs has been conducting therapy sessions with Caeden.

What she saw horrified her.

Jacobs has since been fired from Autism Intervention Milwaukee, and has been charged with a felony of abusing a child. Parents whose children also underwent sessions with Jacobs were also apparently shaken by the incident and had reached out to Stephanie.

Police say investigation is still ongoing, but Jacobs says he could not recall abusing Caeden in any way, telling local authorities that he was just studying for his exams.

Autism Intervention Milwaukee has since conducted reevaluation of their therapists, and has reached out to other parents for information on any other potential abuse allegations.

Below you can view the news report from WISN 12 News which shows footage from the hidden camera taken in the Lowe family home.

Warning – The footage contains disturbing images.

Source: The San Francisco Globe: Therapist Is Caught Abusing An Autistic Boy