The power of drones in helping children with autism learn social skills

Middletown, WISCONSIN – Taking Autism to the Sky” otherwise known as TATTS was formed in the spring of 2013 by a group of parents to help their children with autism develop important social skills. The group began meeting about two years ago to fly drones.

Paul Braun was inspired to begin this group by his son Mitchell who has autism.

“We’re often looking for ways to give them something to do and some way to interact with others, their peers,” says Paul Braun.

Most children with autism aren’t able to be involved in extracurricular activities due the nature of autism itself. One of the characteristics of autism is difficulty in social situations. Technological advancements have opened up a whole new world and now allows people with autism to share their love of technology as a group. This sharing of a common bond strengthens their understanding of the world and friendship.

The children work on every aspect of the drones including building and customizing one for their needs. They can be the pilot or navigator and then edit the film they took with the drones. Huge strides in building friendships have been accomplished through a common love of technology.

DJI, an international company that builds drones, was so moved by the TATTS blog they reached out to learn more about TATTS. DJI has now donated eight drones worth around $10,000.

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