The Egyptian Jackal Princess authored by young man with autism

EgyptianJackalPrincessCLYDE – Mike and Kathleen Davis never thought their autistic son was serious about writing and publishing a book, they even put him off with excuses. However to their surprise Tyler announced that he had found somebody to publish his book.

His parents did not believe him and asked how he had found a publisher to which he replied by going on the internet and sending messages to different publishers.

Twenty year old Tyler, has overcome many obstacles to become a published author. His parents told he developed normally until he was 15 months old and then he lost the ability to talk and respond. His mom read an article about autism and thought that her son had many similarities. He underwent testing and was found to be on the autism spectrum.

Tyler received help to function in the world, including help from a psychologist, teaching assistant, occupational therapist and special education teachers. He showed a great interest in ancient animals and history. Josh Rice, a teaching assistant who worked with Tyler encouraged him to write his book.

The Egyptian Jackal Princess” has been published by Xlibras books and is available through Barnes and Noble as well as Amazon online.


The original article by Mike Hibbard on the Finger Lake Times can be read here