The Aus-Sums. A new children’s entertainment band that helps autistic children. Part 2

Photo credit, Jennifer Rissler

Photo credit, Jennifer Rissler

Kansas City, MO  – Brian Smith, The Aus-Sum Dad, recently announced that he has formed a new band called The Aus-Sums. The band features original music that everyone can enjoy but their main goal is helping children on the autism spectrum. This is part 2 of our interview with Brian. Part 1 can be read here.

How did you get together with Michelle Beedle to form The Aus -Sums?

“I tried to write and figure everything out by myself, but I was not an accomplished musician. My wife and I shot around a lot of names back and forth to figure out who would be right to help us with the music for these songs. We couldn’t just pick anyone. This is our heart, but one name kept coming up from both of us, and that is Michelle Beedle.”

Brian continues:

Aus Sums 4

Photo credit, Jennifer Rissler

“My wife and I were both friends with Michelle before we ever even started dating. I met Michelle back in 2001. I moved to Kansas City to go to ministry school and we met there. She then ended up going to UMKC to major in music. She even sang at my wedding. We all have worked together in children ministry at our church. She and her husband currently still teach children’s ministry at our church. I knew we made the right decision when I saw her reaction to what we want to do. Michelle got excited and has put so much passion in to what we are doing.”

Can you tell us a little about your Kickstarter campaign that will be launched in October?

“We are trying to finish getting a couple of videos together and for all of our information to be put together so we can do a crowd funding campaign. I haven’t settled on if it will be Kickstarter, indiegogo, or another site. I am still looking into that. We want to raise money to do a professional CD. I have put in countless months making sure the words to these songs are just right to get the most out of them. Then we have spent months getting the music just right to not be overwhelming for kids on the spectrum. We made sure that the pitches were not going to bother their ears, that tempos would not overstimulate, and many other areas. These are not just songs that are thrown together. I have studied and put a lot of thought into each one.”

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Photo credit, Jennifer Rissler

Brian goes on to tell us that he wants to give these kids the best possible recording. He needs a professional to do this CD.

“My brother is a signed singer and songwriter with a label and he has been trying to work with some people in Nashville to help me get a good deal recording a CD in a top studio with top musicians. I will be able to get this done for a fraction of what the big time singers are paying. However, a fraction of what the big time singers pay is still way more than an electrician with 4 kids can afford.”

The crowd funding campaign will help The Aus-Sums raise the money needed to pay for this CD. Then if this goal is reached the next step will be to make a fun DVD as well.

“We have a production company on standby to do a video. My goal is not to just sell these CDs to stores and make a career out of it. We always joke about making it Wiggle big. I want to give these songs to schools and other organizations that work with autistic children.”

We ended by asking Brian if there was anything else he wanted to share with our readers.

Aus Sms 6

Photo credit, Jennifer Rissler

“I feel that most bullying and prejudice comes from ignorance. I know this well. Not only do I have a son on the spectrum, but we are also a mixed couple living in the Midwest in the USA. My wife is from Zimbabwe. I don’t just want to help children on the spectrum, but I also want to help educate other children about autism to stop bullying.”

Bria also told us that they are performing a concert in Houston, TX on Saturday November 15 to benefit foster kids with a company called Toy Party.

We would like to thank Brian for taking the time to chat to us and wish The Aus-Sums huge success for the future.

Below you can here the song, What Should I Do?

What Should I Do?


Below is the official video for Dancing on the Clouds

The Aus-Sums website can be found here
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