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December 16, 2014

Shetland – The father of Samuel Barlow, 16 who has autism and who the Daily Record report went on an airgun rampage on the island, only did so as he wanted the police officers he threatened to shoot him and kill him. Paul Barlow, 47 told of how his son, Samuel, had been “pushed over the edge” by bullying on Facebook and that he had no intention of harming anyone other than himself.

On September 23 Samuel, having taken the airgun from his home  in Wester Skeld sailed in a dinghy to Scalloway. Here he was spotted by islanders who alerted the police.

Samuel pointed the airgun at them and so they had to retreat and to raise the alarm.

He then traveled six miles to  Lerwick. It was here that he threatened two of the residents with the airgun.

He then approached two  firearms officers and pointed the gun at them on several occasions.The officers did not retaliate and no shots were fired, instead they tried to get Samuel to give himself up.

Duncan Mackenzie, Prosecuter, told the Lerwick Sheriff Court:

“I’m not sure if the accused appreciates how close he came to being shot.”

Samuel’s actions sparked a major incident and an urgent warning was issued to residents to stay indoors.

He was arrested and is now bring held  at Polmont Young Offenders Institution. He pleads guilty to four charges of assaulting the police and towards members of the public by pointing the airgun at them. He was also denied bail.

Paul Barlow also told the Daily Record that his son was trying to get himself killed.

“After the incident, we found one male was trying to engage Samuel in homosexual activity. We reported it to police and they dealt with it.

“We also found a convicted paedophile making the first initial contacts with Samuel.”

Samuel is due to be sentenced on January 7, after a full psychological assessment. The family are hoping that the court will show mercy.

Source: Charlie Gall on the Daily Record website: Airgun rampage teenager: Autistic boy wanted armed police to shoot him dead, says dad

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