Teenager with autism stars in national anti-bullying campaign


Alice Jordan, screenshot taken from the music video, You Won’t Hurt Me Anymore’

Coundon, County Durham – Alice Jordan, 15 has autism and is a singer songwriter who recently wrote and performed about her experiences of bullying. Her son  ‘You Won’t Hurt Me Anymore‘ describes her time at a mainstream school where she experienced isolation and verbal insults.

The song was recorded with help from Steve Metcalfe, of Music Junction Studio in Newton Aycliffe, and was performed at Anna Kennedy Online’s Autism’s Got Talent variety show which we reported on back in Mat. Our report can be read here.

Alice has received funding from the charity TheCreativeDreamWorks that allowed her to to film the music video for the song.

The video was shared on social media sites during National Anti-Bullying Week.

Alice told The Northern Echo:

“I just want to help people who are in the situation I was when I was little.”

The original article by Lizzie Anderson in The Northern Echo can be read here

The Anna Kennedy Online website can be found here