Teenager with Autism Pursues Dream to Become an Eagle Scout

Photo credit; Scott Gunnerson. Florida Today

Photo credit; Scott Gunnerson. Florida Today


Titusville,FL –  17-year-old Ashyton Chance Stone has earned 70 merit badges and plans to become an Eagle Scout despite having autism, cerebral palsy, and difficulty speaking. To help achieve his goal he lead a group of 50 scouts and adult volunteers as they groomed and planted 100 plants on the grounds of Washington Square, a local special needs facility that focuses on developmental disabilities.

Director of the facility Steve Danos was thrilled at what he saw, telling Florida Today:

“When Ashyton approached me with his idea of helping to beautify the landscaping here at Washington Square, I had no idea the scope of what the project was going to be. It is truly amazing everything he has done, I think it is incredible.”

He then added that without Stone, none of this couldn’t be done. Yet what’s more amazing then the transformative landscape is how accepting Stone’s troop really is. As his mother told Florida Today:

“It may take twice as long to do a merit badge, but they are right behind him.”

Stone will brave another challenge Tuesday when he undergoes reconstructive jaw surgery to correct a defect that makes it hard for him to speak. His jaw will be wired shut for six weeks after to recover.

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