Teenager with autism has gift for painting

Cambridge, UK  – Mikey Allcock, 16, started to paint only a year ago. Mikey has severe autism. His works of art have been published on various websites in the US and in many journals.

Ms Allcock who is Mikey’s mother told the Cambridge News that what has happened is ‘absolutely amazing.’

Mikey was diagnosed with autism before the age of two and Lucy was told that her son would never amount to much. Mikey did not speak until the age of ten and he still has limited verbal and communication skills.
Ms Allcock told:

“It would’ve been so easy to just give up on Mikey, to assume that he couldn’t do anything,”

Mikey so far has painted twenty pictures that include towers, buildings and railways that are all firm favorites of his.  Ms Allcock believes that her son’s autism helps him to paint.

“I think the attention to detail and how many hours he’s concentrated on buildings and castles has enabled him to really look in a way that we don’t at buildings.”

Mikey usually paints in ten minute spurts, this may only be once a day, or he may go back and paint twenty times his mother tells. One US website that has featured his art is  The Art of Autism and  two of Mikey’s paintings have been accepted by  a journal that specializes in autism.

Mikey’s talent for painting has opened up many pathways for him Ms Allcock believes, she tells that although her son will probably never be independent, he does want to paint and he is able to do so.

Source: The Cambridge News website: ‘Amazing’ autistic Cambridge teen Mikey Allcock discovers gift for painting