Teenager Rebecca Parkin shares experiences of being bullied at school

Rebecca Parkin taken from Facebook

Rebecca Parkin taken from Facebook

Sheffield, UK – Rebecca Parkin, 16 has described how she suffered 10 years of bullying when attending schools.

The Star reports that Rebbecca’s case has been highlighted in a new nationwide study, the Annual Bullying Survey, which found that bullying has an impact on academic performance.

A correlation was found between bullying and the negative impact on education.

3,600 people aged 13 to 18 took part in the survey involving more than 30 schools and colleges.

Rebecca was bullied as she has Asperger’s syndrome, older pupils tried to set her hair on fire as well as the teenager suffering form other physical and verbal attacks, she said:

“I had acids and chemicals thrown at me in science, I had people calling me and texting me and saying nasty things to me. I had to change my number because of it.”

Rebecca said she also received threats through social media websites including Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

“A girl posted a Facebook status once and put that she was going to ‘get me’ and that people would ‘see the blood’ because I was trying to make friends with her new best friend,”

Rebecca eventually moved schools because of the emotional problems she developed as a result of being bullied.

“I’ve been a victim of bullying for over 10 years. As a 16-year-old, I now feel more confident to stand up and not be ashamed to say I may have been a victim of bullying, but I got through it and will continue to strive through the challenges I’ve experienced during my life.”

The original article in The Star can be read here