Teen with autism speaks out against bullying

image taken from Facebook

image taken from Facebook

Allegan, MI– 14-year-old with autism Bryce Frost is speaking out against bullying with a Facebook page called Stop Bullying Now and a showing of the critically acclaimed documentary Bully at the Allegan Regency Theater. He was inspired to stop bullying when he decided to complete 8th grade through home schooling.

Throughout this life with autism Frost has been bullied. His family noted that the bullying got so worse, he fainted in the third grade and was even diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

“I was not really learning that much, because basically I was afraid somebody would come back and behind my back, I was afraid somebody was going to fight me,” Frost told FOX17.

Since his homeschooling Frost has become focused. He wants to become a robotic engineer, but more importantly, he wants to help people students like him.

“As long as I can help one person to stop the bullying I’ve done by job,” Frost said to FOX17, “Or if I help one person to get stronger, I also have done by job.”

Frost has raised $800 through GoFundMe to make t-shirts and bracelets, and to finance his showing of Bully, a documentary that shows the harsh of effects of bullying. The showing was held at Allegan Regency Theater last Sunday Nov. 23

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Contributed by Audrey L. Hollingshead