Teen with autism dies at five-point intersection

RIPPalms, California – 15-year-old with autism David Lidley was killed at a long-considered dangerous five-point intersection of Robertson Blvd. and Venice Blvd last week. The family recently went to visit the department of transportation to talk about the tragic event.

The DOT contends that the intersection was working properly when the death occurred.

“The citizens of LA have to wait until somebody dies for people to actually do something,” Lindley’s mother Maureen Senhauser told CBS Los Angeles. The family of the deceased teen shot a video of the intersection, that showed the traffic light turning red while the pedestrian’s signal was still counting down. They showed the video to the DOT at a committee meeting on Wednesday.

DOT says traffic lights now hold traffic back until pedestrian countdown is done. DOT also released a statement saying

“While this change would not have prevented Tuesday’s unfortunate loss of life, LADOT is taking this opportunity to improve safety at this location.”

The family was not happy with that statement, commenting that they wouldn’t be interviewing with CBS had the lights been working properly.

The original article on the CBS Los Angeles website can be read here