Teen with Asperger’s excels academically

Covington, KY – Teen with Asperger’s, David Thomson is a National Merit Scholarship Semifinalist. This news is no surprise to his family and teachers who have seen him excel in school despite being diagnosed with Aspergers as a child. WKRC Cincinnati interviewed David’s father, Steven and he had this to say:

“We were very very worried at the time that he was not going to be particularly good in school, we were worried he was not going to be particularly social, that he was going to keep to himself. He has done extremely well in school. I don’t think we can take that much credit for it. I think we can take some credit for teaching him to read as early as he did, but he ran with it from there.”

And ran he did. David scored in the 99th percentile on the PSAT and is second in his class at Holmes High School. His math teacher Cas Granz told WKRC that David is able to grasp complex math concepts in under fifteen minutes while the rest of the class needs a week. What’s even more amazing, Granz adds, is that the students at Covington Independent Schools accept him for who he is and have nominated him for homecoming court this year. His mother is more then proud.

David will find out later in the year if he’ll advance to finalist from semifinalist in the National Merit Scholarship. He plans to become to a college math teacher and may attend Thomas More College next fall.

The original article by Sydney Benter on the WKRC Cincinnati News website can be read here

Contributed by Audrey L. Hollingshead