Teen with ASD releases CD to raise awareness about autism

Taken from Facebook

Taken from Facebook

Summerville, SC – In an effort to raise awareness regarding autism, a local teen has released a CD in hopes of bringing attention to a disorder that has become increasingly prevalent throughout North America in recent years.

Nathan Miller’s When Words Fail, Music Speaks CD which was named after a Hans Christian Anderson quote, will be a compilation featuring performances from both the teen’s friends and musical heroes. Local and national artists will be involved in the project which will include the likes of Doyle Dukes, Phil Keegy, and Steve Mckoy.

Miller came up with the idea as a result of the challenges both he and his older brother Marcus face as a result of having autism. Although both Nathan and Marcus have difficulty communicating, the two share a passion for music which allows them to connect with others.

As a child, Nathan struggled  in school yet after being home schooled by his mother, he began to progress quickly in the fields of mathematics and music. Today the latter has effectively become a cornerstone in his life. He states on the News 2 HD website:

 ” I’m kind of more focused. It helps me communicate and express myself.”

The CD can be purchased on iTunes and through musicspeaksproject.com with proceeds benefiting Autism Speaks.

The original article by Octavia Mitchell on the counton2.com website can be read here