Tara Palmer-Tomkinson recently diagnosed with ‘high degree of autism’


Taken from twitter

UK  – Tara Palmer-Tomkinson, 42, who is a former IT girl, and  godchild of Prince Charles -told this weekend about her  shock diagnosis of being on the autism spectrum  and that she is  happy to finally know why she behaves the way she does.

She told the Mail on Sunday:

“I was diagnosed as having a high degree of autism,”

She revealed that her erratic behaviour often makes people form the conclusion that she is on drugs, but that this is not true, she states that it is the autism taking over.

“Sometimes it might seem like I’m on something, but I’ve worked hard to stay off drugs since I left rehab in 1999.”

She was recently told by her psychiatrist that she is  high on the autistic spectrum for an adult.

Tania went on to reveal that she is now beginning to finally understand herself and why she behaves the way that she does. She also spoke about her previous drug problem, and that she regrets all of it. However she also revealed that becoming sober has not suited some people in her life.

“I’ve ditched all the toxic people I used to have around me and I won’t stay anywhere that drugs are being used.”

The original story by Kelby McNally in the Express can be read here