Taiwan – Hsiao Chun uses singing talent to raise autism awareness

Taipei, Taiwan – A man who is on the autism spectrum has been using social media to post videos of himself singing in an effort to connect with others, to share his story and to raise awareness regarding the disorder.

The 30 year old nicknamed ‘Hsiao Chun’ has been uploading recorded videos of himself onto a Facebook page where he receives comments, suggestions and constructive criticism of his singing skills and ability. Ironically, prior to becoming a social media fixture he had been a target of bullies and struggled both to make friends and interact meaningfully with his peers.

However after being provided with an administrative position at the Tapei Autism Children Social Welfare Foundation where he was encouraged to compete in its singing contests, he realized that he had finally found his niche. Although Chun was initially wary of  becoming involved, foundation chief  Ko Bai-shan managed to convince Chun to use his singing talent to interact and connect with others

As a result, Chun has received a job promotion and has also been invited to sing at a charity concert with local celebrities. Chun will be the only performer with ASD and Ko notes that the foundation hopes that his involvement in the event will consequently serve to increase both understanding and awareness of autism throughout the community.

Source: Kan Chih-chi on the Taipei Times news website: Autistic man uses singing to cope, raise awareness