Students invent sensory chair for children with autism

image taken from the Sensory Chair Company Facebook page

image taken from the Sensory Chair Company Facebook page

Overland Park, KS – A group of Blue Valley students has developed a sensory chair specifically designed to aid children on the autism spectrum.

The chair, which is a lounger filled with two airbags is a designed to envelop the individual seated in it, essentially providing them with the sensation of being given a “big hug.” Oftentimes both children and adults with ASD have difficulty processing external stimuli and have sensory issues that can impede both their interaction with others and overall functionality.

Those with autism can often become overwhelmed when anxious and for those who lack communication skills, it can become a challenge for both them as well as their caregivers. As a result, the students opted to develop it as part of Blue Valley’s CAPS program under the mentorship of Stuart Jackson whose son has ASD. So far it has been a success – Jackson’s son tried it for only two weeks and benefited significantly from using the relatively simple yet innovative invention. According to Jackson:

“He comes out of it and he’s a completely different person.”

The chair has not only been a success amongst youngsters as the scientific community appears to have taken notice as well – the group has been nominated for the Edison award for their invention and will soon be flying to New York for the ceremony.

You can learn more by visiting the Sensory Lounger’s Facebook page here

Source: Justin Wilfon on the KSHB Kansas City website: Blue Valley students invent chair for children with autism