Specialized education for autistic children not available in Vietnam and abuse a reality with video

Ho Chi Minh City – Vietnam has no public schools or programs dedicated to teaching autistic children. Private facilities have been a concern.

This concern was brought front and center again after a reporter from Thanh Nien went undercover for two weeks at the Anh Voung Special Primary School. His use of a hidden camera captures routine torture and abuse at the unlicensed school for disabled children. The school was immediately closed and the case is now under investigation.

Editor Warning: Video below is explicit.

The director of the HCMC Integrated Education Support Center for Disabled people, Nguyern Than Tam, says there are only sixteen public school that allow children with disabilities. However, it is the policy to add autistic and disabled children into general education classes with no particular assistance for their needs.

Tam also expressed grave concerns for private education centers that hire unqualified and untrained staff,

“Some have opened schools for autistic children after training their staff for a few days. Many of these facilities lack a clear understanding of their students’ condition.”

Tam believes the government should make sure to provide proper training in the area for all teachers and asks,

“The city has special schools for children who are blind or deaf, why is there no school dedicated to children with autism?”

The full article by Nhu Lich, Lam Ngoc and Thanh Tung can be read on the Thanh Nien News here