Special traffic signs to be erected for child with ASD following family’s petition

road signRacine, WI – An area family has succeeded in obtaining the right to have special autism traffic signs erected near their home. Autism Daily Newscast last reported on this story here.

Erin and Jason Krencisz’s 5 year old son Markus, is on the autism spectrum and as a result can sometimes wander off due to having impaired impulse control and difficulty understanding general safety. There are similar signs in other areas in the state, however this will be the first one in Racine as a result of the Krenciszs petitioning the city in hopes of receiving permission for them to be put up.

After being presented with the family’s petition, the city’s traffic commission had voted unanimously in favor of allowing the signs to be erected. As with other traffic signs of this nature, their primary function will be to alert motorists of Markus’ presence and will therefore be placed in pairs a few hundred feet apart on either side of the youngster’s home.

The family is satisfied with the commission’s decision and will soon be completing the final paperwork required to have the signs placed near their property. City officials have, in turn, expressed their satisfaction with the decision and have stated that they hope other communities will make similar accommodations for individuals with autism as well.

The original article by Cara Spoto on The Journal Times website can be read here