Singer Geoff Sewell spreads the news about autism and releases new song

Taken from Facebook

Taken from Facebook

Geoff Sewell – is a pop opera singer and known as one of the singers in the group Amici Forever. He is dad to Sienna 11, who has autism.

On his latest album, ‘Live Love Sing’ Sienna and younger sister Olivia make their recording debut on the single Heal Me which was  co-witten by Se well’s wife, Simone.

The state that the song is:

‘dedicated to the family’s defying of the limitations put by others on Sienna’s likely future when she was diagnosed with autism in 2006.’

Sewell says that they call the track the miracle song as when Sienna was 3 they were told by doctors that she would never talk.

“We were told to let her be and not try to change her life, which basically meant leaving her locked away in some other world, screaming and banging her head on the floor until it bled.”

Sewell left Amici Forever to care for Sienna, and set up with his wife, Simone The Sewell Foundation to help families fight autism.

The article reports that the couple have worked tirelessly to spread the message that there is a treatment for the condition, despite the many medical reports to the contrary.

Sewell and Simone regularly hold seminars for parents with autistic children.

“What Simone and I do in our seminars is share our experiences of the different approaches we have tried. Every child is different and so we give people a menu, so to speak, of the things that have worked for us with Sienna, and then parents can choose what they feel is appropriate for their child.”

All royalties from Heal Me are going to The Sewell Foundation to help other families. It can view it below.

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