Simplify The Communication For Children With Autism Using 1stfone

1stphoneMobile phones have now turned into smartphones but they are not the smartest choice when it comes to children.  This is when MyOwnFone comes into play and makes things simpler for everyone of all ages. This is the most unique phone you would have ever seen. It’s even simpler than the oldest mobile phones when they were just invented. Furthermore, this is the only phone that you can design for with your child and using it is easier than tying the laces of shoes.

First, this phone is designed by the users on the MyOwnFone website. After reaching a design that satisfies the users they can place the order and have the item shipped to their homes. The phone is only 7mm in thickness and feels more like a credit card in your hand. This thin structure contains very few easy-to-read buttons on it that are pre-programmed to dial certain numbers. The name of the people whose numbers are pre-programmed on the phone are written on the buttons of the phone. These buttons are oversized depending on how many you decide to have on the phone; you can choose from 2, 4, 8 and 12 buttons. Even more importantly for those children that can not read, images of the people can be added.

To dial a number you just press the button with the name or picture of the person on the phone. You receive calls on the phone as you do on any phone. The phone is rechargeable and comes with a charging cable that charges it fully in one and a half hour. The charging should last for 3 days under normal circumstances. There are very little chances of the phone getting stolen since it looks just like a toy and has pre-programmed phone numbers on it. There is no screen or saved data and the pre-programmed numbers can never be seen by the person who has stolen your phone. Emergency numbers can also be pre-programmed on the phone.

This is undoubtedly an excellent device for young children with special needs. Children with autism can also be given this phone for use when in need. It can be easily hung around the neck and manufacturers say that you can play, jump and run while having it around your neck like a necklace. The phone will confuse children with complex features and difficult-to-use interface. Whenever they are in need, they can press a big button on the phone and have the right person on the line within seconds. It protects children from unnecessary texting habits as well.

For more information visit their web site here.