Shocking photos reveal abuse of autistic children in Australian schools

article-2744571-2129146D00000578-482_634x428Melbourne, Australia: A series of shocking photographs have  appeared on-line and in some national Newspapers showing mistreatment of children with autism in Australian Special Needs school.

Parents with children attending schools deemed to be “Victorian” in their educational standards have rallied together to collect physical and visual evidence of how their autistic children are being treated in the school system. Tracey Hayes who has twin boys attending Monash Special Developmental school in Melbourne has taken photos of her twin boys restrained in chairs for the school day.

The school in Victoria will provide education for the boys until the become 18. Ms Hayes told the Austalian Mail:

“The school have taken the photos in the past as they think it is their right to take the pictures, they have bound the books and sent them to me. We don’t need violence, strapping them in or shut downs. My boys are the most beautiful little boys. I don’t restrain them at home; all I have is a car seat. I hold their hand and walk with them and tell them what’s going on. I’m proud of my boys”

Ms Hayes has since allegedly been banned from entering the grounds of the school.

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