Seattle Children’s Hospital Offers New Autism Program

SeattleSeattle, WA – Seattle Children’s Hospital along with Barbara and Charlie Barnett have opened the Alyssa Burnett Adult Life Center. The center was inspired by the Barnett’s 22-year-old daughter Alyssa who has autism.

Like much of the young adults on the spectrum, Alyssa will have a hard time caring for herself and getting the services she desperately needs to learn how to. This is because Washington, like most states, disconnect young adults on the spectrum from the state-funded programs they sorely need once they turn 21. What’s worse, Dr. Gary Stobbe told the Seattle based news station King 5, that learning to socialize at this age is crucial:

“They’re still not that good at it and they need places to practice. And what better place than this safe environment to potentially meet others that have similar interests, and to continue to grow socially.” 

The director of the program Tammy Mitchel said it will be somewhat based on the parks and recreation model and that every minuscule goal met will be a triumph. 

News of the center is so monumental that parents from Alaska, Colorado, California, Idaho, and Montana are asking about the services they offer. To learn more about this amazing program please go to:

The original article on the King 5 website can be read here