BE SAFE The Movie – Interview with Emily Iland

March 10, 2014 BE SAFE Interactive Screening: image courtesy of @Emily Iland MA

Be Safe March 10, 2014 BE SAFE Interactive Screening: image courtesy of @Emily Iland MA

What stories have you heard from other parents?

“In response to BE SAFE The Movie, parents are amazed what their kids are able to learn just by watching. It is important to assume that everyone can learn (especially through video modelling) and make teaching safety a priority.

In regards to the interactive screenings, the parents are GRATEFUL that their children/teens/adults have the opportunity to meet the police in a safe environment and learn how to interact with police directly from the officers.

In general, parents are very concerned about safety, even fearful (you and I both know the feeling). Yet most people aren’t actively doing anything about the concern. My motto is “Don’t Leave Safety to Chance!” I created the BE SAFE the Movie and the Teaching Edition materials so parents (and teachers) would have the tools they need to be sure everyone can learn. We are talking about potentially saving a life!”

Can you tell me a little bit about your writing and where we can find your work?

“I started out as a stay-at-home mom enjoying being home with my 3 kids, Tom, Lisa and Danny. Once Tom was diagnosed, I spent a lot of time searching for reliable information about what ASD is, and how to help him. My sister was a special educator and we decided to write a book that answers the 1000 questions that new parents and teachers have…ASD from A to Z. I was disheartened to see that many Spanish speaking parents in the LA autism community and elsewhere did not have access to information that they needed to help their children. This inspired me to translate ASD A to Z into Spanish (it took me 550 hours of work – but is now out of print. I hope to have a new Spanish book next year).

As Tom grew up I turned my attention to other needs that presented themselves. I was very concerned about his reading comprehension issues (he could decode anything at all, but did not understand). I decided to go back to college and get a Master’s Degree in Special Education. No one was even discussing reading comprehension and autism in ANY of my master’s classes, so I did an independent study of the topic and published ‘Drawing A Blank, scholarly and practical information on reading comprehension and autism.’”

This book along with Emily’s other publications can all be found on Amazon.
Finally we asked Emily, if there was anything else that he would like to share with our readers.

NOVEMBER 10, 2014 BE SAFE Interactive Screening: image courtesy of @Emily Iland MA

NOVEMBER 10, 2014 BE SAFE Interactive Screening: image courtesy of @Emily Iland MA

“I will continue to focus on safety as my main theme. I also have a new book in the works on what parents can do today to prepare their children for a happy/productive adult life (I am writing it with Tom and a colleague of mine).

For his part, Tom would like to leave accounting and become a professional public speaker and conference presenter. Just yesterday he told me the theme of his presentations: Know Yourself. Love Yourself. Be Yourself. I am so proud of him!

My daughter Lisa is also involved in the autism field. She is a social coach for teens and adults with ASD, and helps with boyfriend/girlfriend relationships, social skills for work or college, and how to be a good flatmate or housemate. Her company is Social Bridge Seattle.”

We are happy to report that Tom now lives in his own apartment and drives.

We would like to thank Emily for taking the time to answer our questions.
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