Ryanair Boss Michael O’Leary Calls Virgin’s Richard Branson ‘Autistic’


Ryanair, Michael O’Leary, 52 – it is reported that in an interview with the Evening Standard that Mr O’Leary commented about Richard Branson’s lack of eye contact and then speculated as to why this might be.

Mr O’Leary said:

“He [Sir Richard] can’t make eye contact. It’s like he has some kind of austism. I think he works best on television.”

He then continued to add:

“May be English public schools have that effect on you.”

Caroline Hattersley of the National Autistic Society said that proclaiming myths such as this can be damaging for people living with autism and that it can make it more difficult for these individuals to have their needs recognised and to therefore be able to access support.

She added:

“While some people with autism can find making eye contact difficult or even physically painful, others make strong eye contact.”

The original article by Dominic Gover in the International Business Times can be found here