Roanoke Rapid Police Not Reprimanded For Stun Gun Use on Autistic Teen

CC BY-NC-ND by Jennuine Captures

CC BY-NC-ND by Jennuine Captures

Roanoke Rapids, N.C.– Halifax County District Attorney’s Office determined that the officer’s use of stun gun on Javonte “Jay” Gorham was completely in their right. The police came to the Gorham residence on April 15th looking for Gorham’s 23-year old brother Jamonte Gorham. Nancy Gorham, mother of the two boys, said she told the officers that her eldest son was not home.

In an interview with Nancy said the officers responded by saying

“You people got a tendency of lying.”

She gave the police permission to search her home. She told the officers her other son Jay was asleep when they entered his room. She followed and found Jay getting shocked by a stun gun. She told them he has autism and was not able to understand what was happening.

According to Nancy Gorham her son was cooperative and didn’t talk back. He now has scrapes and burns from the stun gun. Police claim they had no idea Jay had autism. They said he was aggressive.

Roanoke Rapids City Attorney Gilbert Chichester told WRAL that Jay Gorham

“Partially stood up and pushed one of the officers. It was my understanding that the officers…acted appropriately according to all the guidelines.”

Jay was taken into custody and quickly released. Police found Jamonte Gorham later and arrested him for an unrelated incident. Nancy Gorham intends to sue the city.