Roald Dahl’s twenty-seven-year old letter about vaccinating our children just as powerful today

Roald Dahl, from IMDB

Roald Dahl, from IMDB

Roald Dahl – All this week we have been covering the varying viewpoints and opinions of those within the autism community about the issue of vaccinating children. Should we vaccinate our children? What are the risks? Are there any risks or links to autism? We have heard from celebrities, parents and have covered the latest research and media analysis.

This week, a letter written by the much loved author of children’s literature, Roald Dahl, back in 1988 went viral. The letter, MEASLES: A dangerous illness, was written about his daughter Olivia, who died from Measles when aged only seven.

In response to the viral nature of the letter and the recent anti vaccination debate, Roald Dahl’s daughter and sister to Olivia, whom she sadly never met, was interviewed by Katie Couric of Yahoo Global News.

USA - Stand Up 2 Cancer Telecast Arrivals - Los AngelesOphelia told during the interview that the death of Olivia left her father heartbroken:

 “He traveled everywhere with a small silver photograph frame with a picture of her inside… Whenever he went on vacation, he took this with him and would put it up in the room wherever he was,”

The letter that Dahl crafted twenty-seven years ago resonates loudly within the autism community today, as the number of parents who are choosing not to get their child vaccinated, particularly with regards to the MMR vaccine, is on the increase. His words have heartfelt meaning and plea for parents to get their children vaccinated.

“parents who now refuse to have their children immunized are putting the lives of those children at risk,”

Roald Dahl’s letter, MEASLES: A dangerous illness. Can be read on the Roald Dahl website here

The interview with Ophelia Dahl can be viewed below.

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