Reuben and Neo Mills are on a Mission to Raise Autism Awareness

Ipswich,Queensland,Reuben and Neo Mills – both have high-functioning autism and they both want to raise autism awareness with their classmates.

Reuben, 9, and Neo, 7, both attend Tivoli State School and at present are perfecting a presentation that they will give to fellow classmates on April 2, World Autism Awareness Day.

The Queensland Times report that during April, Autism Queensland runs its annual Go Blue for Autism campaign to raise funds and awareness.

Reuben and Neo’s mother Vicky said that it was Reuben who came up with the idea of the presentation to help his classmates to learn more about autism, he calls this his ‘invisible disability’.

Vicky said:

“Reuben is also a gifted child; he was doing Grade 8 maths and science at Ipswich State High School when he was in Year 3 at Tivoli State School,”

Reuben said:

“Organisations like Autism Queensland or your schools have people who can support you with your struggles,”

Reuben wanted to thank Autism Queensland, Tivoli State School and Ipswich State High School for supporting him and making him feel less worried about his disabilities.

Neo told that his brain is wired differently:

“In some areas there are more wires and in some less wires, so in the areas where I have more I do well with maths, but where I have less or no wires I need help to make those wires.”

The full article by Peter Foley on the Queensland Times website can be read here