Renowned doctor sanctioned for controversial autism case

Chicago — A renowned doctor from Naperville has been sanctioned by the state for allegedly subjecting two children with autism to dangerous and unwarranted therapies.

Dr. Anjum Usman, who became well known for providing alternative treatments to children with autism has been charged, and later on agreed to settle a $10,000 fine after a consent order was approved by the Department of Financial and Professional regulation last week.

The charges filed against Usman stemmed from a controversial case wherein she was caught in a crossfire between parents of a child with autism under her care who was battling for the child’s custody. The child was subjected to chelation and hyperbaric oxygen treatments under Usman’s care, after the child’s mother sought the therapies from Usman— but it was the child’s father, James Coman, who filed a complaint against the renowned doctor at the state medical authorities office that prompted the charges against Usman.

The complaints allege that Usman failed to disclose the financial interests she had in the treatments she applied on Coman’s child, and that she had profited from the treatments through a compounding pharmacy she owned that provided the supply needed for the child’s therapies.

Coman also filed a lawsuit against the doctor at the Cook County Circuit Court which accused Usman of providing “dangerous and unnecessary experimental treatments.” Coman voluntarily withdrew the suit this year but said through his attorney that he intends to reinstate the lawsuit at a later date.

The therapies Usman applied on Coman’s child was featured on Tribune’s “Dubious Medicine” investigation in 2009.

Usman’s medical license is currently on probation, but she has been allowed to continue practicing medicine on the condition that she will be taking extra medical education classes; and that she will be submitting 10 of her patients’ medical records quarterly to an integrative medicine physician who will be tasked to assess them.

Contributed by Althea Estrella Violeta

Source:Naperville doctor disciplined in controversial autism case